Why Mave?

Mave is the newest of the Nahla babywearing bag collection and I would like to explain to you how she came about!

It seems a long time ago that I made my first babywearing bag, but it wasn't. In the first instance I was trying very hard to create something that focussed on showcasing beautiful wrap fabric and a bag that practically worked for us babywearers. I had worked out exactly how much scrap was needed and had the lovely Honeycomb Loom fabric to work with for those that didn't have a wrap to chop.

But then....

I was presented with a beautiful bit of SUPU Flight that was too small. It's not in any shape or form a part of my personality to just say "this scrap is too small" and so the playing began. It just so happened that the only fabric I could find to match it well enough was oxblood leather. I'd worked on small projects with leather so thought I may as well have a go. As soon as I started making it I had one of those moments and I thought to myself "hmmmm... this could be amazing". And so it was. It was beautiful, but a total pain to sew. Leather is a different beast to sew than a fabric and its been a learning curve, with help from friends along the way.

The important thing was that moment for me when I thought "this is the bag that I want to use". I feel passionate about making my bags versatile and user friendly, but this is so much more than practicality. This is a bag that you want to wear, that just happens to work for you and your slingee too.

The material that I have chosen to use for the Mave bag is a recycled leather. This is hard wearing, adds luxury and makes the bag shower proof whilst still keeping it affordable. I do have in my possession some rather stunning raw hide and I'm currently shopping around for some hardwearing "pleather" for those that want to avoid animal product. Both of these options will be an added extra on top of the Mave order and will simply reflect any added material costs. So stay tuned for these additions.

A sample of the raw hide


And last but not least... the name

I wanted something that represented the resilience, strength and beauty of motherhood. So this bag is Mave, warrior Queen, just like all of the mothers I know.


Till next time,



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