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I didn't intend to start a bag making business. My original aim was simply to make myself a bag, which I could wear in different ways, depending on how I was carrying my baby.


After what seemed like weeks of research I bought a babywearing bag which could be converted into a back pack using small loops at the bottom. It sounded great but I found it just didn't work for me, and after one afternoon, when I almost tipped the contents of my bag across the street, I decided the time had come to put my skills into action and design my own bag.


The Mark 1

I made my first bag from some beautiful fabric and lots of people commented on how useful and pretty it was. It was still very much a prototype however, missing things like a water bottle holder and a proper fastening!


Several prototypes later I met Charlotte. Charlotte wanted a bag like mine but she wanted it larger and to be made out of a special wrap she was brave enough to trust me with. Thanks to Charlotte I learnt a lot about the bag and how other people used it – not just me.

Nahla Bag

The design I settled on is square, roughly 30cm to a side and 10cm deep. It has a messenger bag style flap to show off the fabric, and protect your belongings. Underneath is an open pocket for quickly stashing items and a zipped pocket for things you want to keep more secure. The straps are roughly 1/3 of the width of a wrap. This gives you the option of allowing you to spread the strap across you and your baby whilst not being too bulky.


The sling ring adjusters are a little bit of a personal preference. Some people love how easy they are to adjust, others prefer to tie a knot so I've kept it as an option. I also leave it up to you whether you have a water bottle pocket or not.

Mave Bag

Mave is the grown-up sister to Nahla. I was given a small piece of a SUPU Flight wrap which wasn't enough to create a complete bag so I paired it with some oxblood leather. I was looking to create something that could be used as a handbag or a babywearing bag, so whilst it is a very similar size, it is a little more structured and underneath the flap the main section has a magnetic clasp and zipped pocket.


As time has gone on my baby has grown into a toddler and I needed a bag to reflect this. I wanted a bag which can easily take the essentials without being too bulky when I'm chasing around the park. I've kept the design simple to keep the price down, making it as accessible as possible and the result is a compact bag which transforms from a hip pack to shoulder bag or even a small back pack once you know the secret!

The Extras!

Many of my bags are made from my clients' well-loved wraps and I found I was sending quite a lot of fabric back unused. I also offer wrap length shortening and ring sling conversion if you have a large enough length of wrap left over from your conversion.


This gave me the idea of offering matching organiser bags, perfectly sized to fit in a Nahla and Mave, to give these scraps a new life.


The Changer is designed to hold your nappies and wipes together in a single pouch. It means you can easily find everything you need in the changing room without needing to rummage around.


The Poppins Purse is a small coin purse that is big enough to hold your cards and a bit of cash with a handy lobster claw keyring. Inspired by Mary Poppin's bag I hope that it always remains as full!



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